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Hundred States is an award-winning brand agency committed to helping our clients grow. We combine strategy, design and technical know-how into a seamless process that drives the success of your brand.



Brand Strategy

We start by listening, learning and asking key questions about your business. Our curiosity drives us to delve deep below the waterline to uncover insights that define who you really are, why you matter to your audience and where your brand needs to go.



Deep curiosity compels us to get to know your business from all vantage points and drill deep to uncover valuable insights. Clients trust us to conduct in depth internal and external interviews with key stakeholders, customers and partners in manner that best suits open participation.

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Our unique methodology has been developed experience working across a broad spectrum of businesses and knowledge of current practice. We work hard to uncover your true purpose that meaningfully connects with everyone who experiences your brand. We make recommendations on how you can achieve your desired position in the market and build lasting relationships with your audience.

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Finding the right language is vital to unlocking ideas and communicating your brand in a way that inspires action. We define strategies that align behaviours within your organisation with your brand ensuring that the process moves beyond a communications exercise.

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We support you along every step of the way. Often as consultants we work with your internal teams and key stakeholders to ensure your brand is understood, instills whole-hearted belief and is expressed consistently with passion.

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Creative Development

Our imagination sparks the big ideas that bring your brand to life and connects with your audience. Fueled by strategic thinking we ensure that what we create fully expresses your unique qualities across online, motion or print media.



Creating your perfect visual identity requires in depth knowledge and experience. Our strategy process ensures that we are able to create not only an identity but a complete brand language that is true to your character. We also ensure that you identity is easy to follow and thrives in multi-screen environments.

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We create award-winning B2b and B2c brand and marketing campaigns that get noticed and have lasting impact. Whether it’s a product, service or feature we thrive on a producing bright concepts that meet your goals whether for outdoor, online, published or TV. We make sure that ideas are executed at the highest level by working with talented writers, photographers, illustrators and animators.

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We apply design thinking to everything we do. We believe that aesthetics improves engagement with your audience and increases recall. We handle every aspect of your brand output. From marketing collateral and sales tools, to a complex website and PR campaigns. Our goal is to understand, organise and inspire.

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In two years, video content will make up 69% of all web traffic (Cisco VNI, 2013). Building your brand via moving image is key to engaging with your audience. Whether it’s a brand film, testimonial or commercial spot we focus on delivering the heart of you message in a dramatic way. Our aim is to create valuable assets that can be used across online promotional activities.

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Digital Branding

The future of your business is increasingly dependent on the success of your online presence. Your brand network is a vital indicator of your strength and relevance. We can help you plan, create and evolve your online brand on mutilple devices and platforms.



We work with you to map out a clear plan for creating, promoting and evolving your online presence. Our understanding of your brand and focused research allows us to define scope, functionality and the right platform that will achieve your business goals now and in the future.

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Consistently producing great content is vital to engaging your audience. It requires good source material, imagination and planning. We work with dedicated content creators to help you tell your story via multiple online channels. We make sure that content is delivered in the most engaging manner using graphics and motion.

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Our design thinking, technical know-how blend with our understanding of your business goals. Our aim is to create interactive experiences that enabling your customer to effortlessly flow through every step of their online journey. We believe simplicity and attention to detail creates visual design that is impactful an uncluttered. This not only increases engagement but makes information more memorable for your customer.

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We work hard to make our sites reliable, compliant, SEO friendly and secure. We ensure they are responsive and translate well to all devices and provide the client with tools to update content easily. We provide training and support when content managed websites are employed. We also ensure that they are regualrly updated and maintained.

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Featured Projects

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  • The Hundred States team consistently develops inspired creative brand campaigns across our broadcast portfolio both in the UK and internationally.

    Chello Zone
  • Having worked with Hundred States for a number of years no matter what project I throw at them or tight deadline they are always creative in their concepts, bring a project to life.

    NBC Universal
  • Hundred States always produces impressive creative and are willing to go the extra mile.

    Scripps Network
  •  For the last 10 years, Hundred States always hit the brief, quickly and without fuss or confusion and together we have produced award-winning campaigns that are highly regarded by industry peers.

    Media 10
  • If you are looking for a creative agency that can do the whole brand package from websites, to POS, environmental design to digital, Hundred States have got it covered. I highly recommend them to be your go to agency.

    MTV Networks
  •  Hundred States always seemed to know exactly what I wanted from any brief and delivered above and beyond my expectations. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who requires any of the services they provide.

    Extreme Freestylers Tour
  • Hundred States has taken our company from a one man firm to a high end mid-sized leading dental design and equipment company. Members in our industry continually compliment us on the superior quality of our branding.

    Hague Dental


We are an integrated agency that provides a unique blend of strategy and creative into one seamless process. We consider our diverse range of clients as partners and have enjoyed close relationships with several for over 14 years. The projects we work on range from independent start-ups to blue chip corporations in the entertainment, retail and corporate sectors in the UK and US.

We believe that a compelling brand is key to business success and is at the heart of everything we do. We like to see good companies do well and are committed to helping them achieve brand success and sustained growth. Our core team offer a wealth of experience in strategy and design which is supported by partnerships that extend to specialist in their field. These include photographers, animators, editors, illustrators, developers and PR companies who we work with on a daily basis.

Building a great brand is a journey. It requires understanding, commitment and openess. With a collaborative approach, clients trust us to help them every step of the way.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, feel free to get in touch.


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